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The holding power of magnet varies substantially as per the conditions.

Maximum Holding Power

Maximum holding power is found by contacting entire work face of the magnet on a fixed ideal load without air gap and pulling up vertically until the magnet tears loose.

Ideal Load
Material :SS400 or equivalent
Contact Surface :∇∇∇
Thickness :Thick enough

Lifting Conditions

①Material of the Load
②Thickness of the Load
③Air Gap between the Magnet and the Load
④Contact Area of the Magnet



TThe holding power varies as per the material, thickness of the load, conditions of the contact surface and air gap between a magnet and the load.


① Effect of Thickness on Holding Power
※The holding power decreases as the plate become 板厚

As the size of magnet becomes smaller and/or pole pitch becomes smaller, comparatively the holding power to the thinner load increases.

② Effect of Air Gap on Holding Power
※The holding power decreases as the air gap between a magnet and a load become larger.


③ Effect of Material on Holding Powerbr /> ※ The holding power on SS400 is defined as standard.


④ Effect of Surface Roughness on Holding Power



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