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Putting safety and environment first, HISHIKO is a business organizer who advances with the customers.
Since the company was established in 1993, we work diligently with vital company culture.

HISHIKO has several operating divisions which have specific properties in each field.

ESZNMagnet applied equipment

Manufacture and sale of magnet applied equipment. The backbone of our business.

Hishiko’s Magnet Department formerly known as “Fuji Jikoh Co. Ltd.” a well-known Brand in the field of Magnet Equipments.Using the Know-how from Former Fuji Jikoh Co. Ltd., Hishiko’s Magnetic Equipment satisfies a wide range of demands from Industrial Machinery to Food Processing, Environment, Healthcare.

The business expects the further expansion combined with technology development.

特殊溶接材料Special Welding Consumables for mould

Manufacture and sale of special Welding Consumables for mould having automobile industry primary user.

Our unique technology is top ranked in the world.

Used in not only Japan but also overseas boasting unrivaled technology.


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Sparkling like a little diamond, HISHIKO establishes oneself as a venture corporation going for a new field.

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